What you need to know about wood splitter – one of the most useful power tools for winter time

log splitter - what you need to know An electric log splitter is usually light in weight and don’t make much noise. These machines are quite compact in design and it is easy to store and maintain them. You can operate them on the standard power supply in households. They are more environments friendly because they don’t burn gasoline and hence don’t produce toxic fumes; this also makes them ideal for use indoors. They are an ideal option if your requirement is to split less than 10 cords of wood in a year. However, you have to be careful to use them properly keeping safety measures in mind.

Read the safety warnings mentioned in the manual accompanying the log splitter

Every Electric Log Splitter is unique in its design and operation. If you read the information provided by the manufacturer you will be able to understand how to use the log splitter safely. This is why it is important to go through the manual or other material provided by the manufacturer.

How to prepare to use a log splitter

While operating any hazardous machinery, it is important to wear the right kind of clothing and this is true of the log splitter as well. Avoid wearing loose garments or any kind of jewelry that may get entangles in the splitter. Also make sure to wear safety eye glasses or goggles to protect your eyes. Do not wear your regular glasses while operating an electric log splitter because the lens of these glasses is not resistant to impact. Do not operate the machine barefoot or while wearing sandals with open toes, wear shoes that have a thick sole and cover the feet completely. It is better if you can wear working boots which have a steel toe.

The work area

The work area should be free from clutter and have sufficient lighting whether natural or artificial. If there isn’t sufficient lighting, arrange for a light source. Remove anything that can hinder your access of the machine. There should be no excess water or chemicals in the surface on which you are going to work as this can cause the splitter to slip and fall and hence injure you. You will also need a sturdy table or platform to operate the log splitter. Check out this video to know how to build one: You should not have to bend down or over reach in order to operate the machine as this will not only cause fatigue but also hinder the proper functioning of the splitter. Attach the splitter to the table or platform with bolts if it moves too much while operating.

Extension chord

If you require an extension cord to reach the light source, then follow the manufacturer’s guidelines regarding the kind of cord that you should use. The cord should also be placed in such a manner that it does not interfere with the accessibility of the Electric Log Splitter and should not present a danger of becoming caught in the moving parts of the machine as this could result in a very serious accident.

Operating a log splitter safely

Never operate the log splitter if you are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any medicines that impairs your ability to operate electrical machinery safely. Do not allow any other person to operate the splitter as they may not have the required knowhow of how to operate it safely. Even you should follow a demonstrative session from the manufacturer’s staff before you start using your electric log splitter. Children should never be allowed to operate a log splitter even if there are adults to supervise them. Take a thorough look at each log before using the splitter on it. The ends of the log should be square cut and all branches should cut flush with the surface of the trunk. Also make sure to remove any foreign objects like nails from the log before using the splitter on it. Make sure that there are no loose screws, bolts or connections in the log splitter before you use it every time. Follow the instructions of the manufacturer for maintaining the splitter such as lubricating and cleaning. Every piece of machinery needs proper and regular maintenance and this is true of the electric log splitter as well. Without proper maintenance, the splitter can malfunction and even result in serious accident.

The Good Baby Swing – How To Choose For Baby

Your family is preparing for new members unborn. There are many things you need to consider, choosing how to fit the child. As winter should choose how clothes for babies, or how to choose the best baby stroller, baby swing … Today we are going to share on how to buy the best baby swing – one of the best things for your baby’s sleep and baby’s activities.

best baby swing

The father and the young mother has lost a lot of time to be able to consult with familiar ones, but each one is different and experience, which makes me confused, perplexed, while spot choosing baby swing. Here we will give you: how to choose the baby swing suit your beige. With most external view baby swing, you will come up with the best decision possible for a baby swing.

  1. Types baby swing

To be able to select the good baby swing you need to know about these types of baby swing and its utilities. On the market today there are many different types of baby swing. Basing on the function and use of energy to classify baby swings. They can be classified into flying swing into the following categories:

  • Classification baby swings with energy use, there are 2 types of baby swing:

– The battery-powered swing: use battery power to operate, this is a fairly common type of swing, most on the market are selling well. The advantage of this type of product is automatically run operation, and the timer is very convenient for parents to schedule your baby’s sleep. The engine runs very quietly and smoothly to your baby’s sleep. Swinging parts are also capable of editing velocity, very convenient.

– The wind – up swing: baby swing kind run by the impact force of the hand, you will not need charging or connecting to a power source, but simply sitting with baby and swing while she sleeps. but it often causes loud noise during operation, lower cost.

  • Classification of functional baby swing we have 2 main lines of baby swing:

– The indoor baby swing: the product lines cater to children from 4 months of age or younger. The mattress is designed for the most comfortable baby lying and mostly for children while supine, and located much. 4-month-old baby on begin to turn and crawl will need a new and larger space.

– The Outdoor Baby Swing: almost a game for children. Parents are often used it out the yard with outdoor Baby Swing, that is baby’s opportunity to come into contact with the external environment. Or to the sun and it is a way for the infant to be comfortable entertainment. The Outdoor Baby Swing usually get sturdier construction, and for children from 4 months or older. It’s like a swing, but outdoor baby swing seat is designed flexible, there is a mattress, sometimes plastic, or wood…

  1. Consideration needs

What you need when buying a baby swing, you want to care for your baby to sleep, or do you want her to have an interesting game. Your baby is at what stage? ….

There are many reasons to choose a swing, depending on your purpose for selection for the baby. If your baby is newborn, a baby swing the best is really necessary – swing to care for the baby sleep in the early days, let him have a good environment to grow.

If you want to use for your baby can enjoy playing indoors or outdoors, select the Best Outdoor Baby Swing it is much more convenient for the development of the baby. Advocacy and playing from an early age will help her become more confident. Children like to feel a slight vibration, but with your newborn baby should not be on the Outdoor Baby Swing. As the child’s brain is not stable enough to so when strong vibration prone to complications within the child’s brain caused severe impacts on the health of children. Therefore you should learn thoroughly before deciding the products for their children.

outdoor baby swing

  1. Considering the price

The swings run by external impact what is usually cheaper rates powered heavy swing of the inside of them. Structural complexity and the convenience decided to prices. Your finance ability also affect to the selection of a baby swing. In capability allows, choose baby swing so that it is not too affected other expenditures during the baby.

  1. Consider technical

Any kind of machine, you need consider the technical and eyes and the texture of the product, especially a device for babies. It relates directly to the safety of the baby. A machine will make losses more errors cost you, and inconvenient for her. Therefore before you decide to buy, please check carefully so that you do not take time for change to pay.

  1. Support and warranty

A product is purchased from reputable suppliers which has good support for customers, are increasing the confidence in terms of product quality. At the same time you need to pay attention to the warranty period, make sure that you are covered by technical errors caused by the machine.

The baby swing is very convenient tobaby, your choices affect the baby’s development, and affect the baby’s health. Wish you buy a product like that.

infants is young, the womb environment totally different from the external environment. therefore, when the baby is born, it is time the baby’s immature body adjusting to a new environment. from practicing how to eat, how to breastfeed. baby’s stomach gets used to digest food, and waste to the outside. child care seemed a lot easier that arduous.

you never see an adorable baby adorable, witty face is the need to have a baby soon. that depends on you and you know when a problem occurs with the baby you know how to handle yet. even small things like changing diapers, baby shower, sleeping baby needs a lot of patience and love to do. here would be some experience for mothers prepare with the first baby, or have a baby the first.

  1. The infant diaper changing is easy as you think?

Immediately after birth, one of the things you will have to do every day, even every hour is changing a diaper. This activity takes place many times a day because the child had urinated activities, and you need to keep the baby in a clean, dry environment. Therefore you must become an expert in changing diapers in a short time.

However, changing the baby’s diaper is not merely a matter of hygiene, it is also an ideal opportunity for parents and babies “interact” with each other, as usual, she’ll wake when changing diapers . So you should learn how to talk and understand your baby when changing diapers, so you create the peaceful new baby, and there was peace for yourself during diaper changes.

  • You should choose what kind of diapers to baby’s skin soft, cool and degeneration, the most comfortable for your baby’s skin in the diaper cover is not wet, causing mold, fungi baby’s skin. Your baby will feel more comfortable and less fussy.
  • When changing a diaper, do not forget to prepare a warm towel or pot (if necessary) and clean the little children, and dry before the new diaper.
  • Changing a diaper activities are great opportunities to interact, interact and “talk” and make rope with little cohesion. Therefore, encourage fathers to join together to do this on a regular basis. Then he can get out will really enjoy this work.
  1. Bathing infant

Babies are often very early bath by the midwife from right after the womb out. But the first time you bathe your baby, you may be very nervous and worried about it. So, refer to the tips, experience and our advice at the infant bath.

When you bathe your baby, make sure your baby’s umbilical cord sections should be kept as dry as possible to help prevent infection. Ask your doctor or midwife for advice about how to take care of the umbilical cord until it falls naturally in about 10 days.

  1. Massage and infant massage

Infant massage is a great interaction to make contact wire, mount and developing the relationship between parent and child. This activity has been proven to be very beneficial for the development of young children, such as:

  • Help her relax
  • Help develop peace of mind and reliability of the baby for parents
  • Massage can improve baby’s sleep
  • Helps strengthen the immune system
  • Improves blood circulation and skin condition
  • Infant massage can aid digestion
  • Massage also helps reduce infant colic-like symptoms and reflux.

Currently, in many hospitals, cultural centers and midwives can offer courses on infant massage you can learn to registered attendees. When infant massage, you should note the following issues, to help her feel most comfortable:

  • Ensure room temperature warm enough for baby
  • Only conduct massage if you feel comfortable and your baby is quiet, fun (except for baby massage helpless to relieve pain)
  • Start at the feet and move gently upwards through the body
  • Gentle manipulation, decisively and soft
  • Do not exert excessive pressure on the abdomen and chest
  • When the massage to reduce infant colic, please massage with a circular motion starting from the right, near the baby’s tummy

Use lotion or oil, or almond oil. This is very a beneficial type of massage oil for baby’s skin

  1. Place your baby to sleep

Infants with sleep timer and separate living, because the children are acquainted with the environment outside the womb so sometimes these things, will make many new mothers become confused in baby care. Newborns usually have time to eat during the day and sleep during the day constantly, they are divided into several small meals during the day and sleep.

When putting your baby to sleep, you should note that a baby’s posture, to prevent reflux baby milk out. Each sleeping positions are the effects of its own, because you should not be too hard, just little sleep, and no milk reflux.

So let him wear light and just warm enough, not to cover too thick baby, as the baby suffocated while sleeping, and can lead to fever. This is usually acquired by mother worried she’ll get cold. But you assured that the body temperature of the baby is often greater than the average person.

Babies often have a habit of midnight province, many parents were very anxious and often come to the baby awake, but it is not necessary, you can leave the baby warm enough in position, and secure , baby do not cry just to let your child sleep in a black, form a good habit for children.

Sleep is very important to people, it is not foreign to the infant. Early stage, children need more sleep than eat, so parents choose for your baby or widgets positions most comfortable sleep for your baby. The Best Portable Baby Swing will help parents.

So why should you use a baby infant swing. It is certain that, if you went to the delivery room, you will see pictures of the baby was lying asleep on the baby swings, or when visiting a new acquaintance a baby, you will be very surprised because I baby asleep easily when placed in the swing announcement and switch for operating swing and sing.

When the baby has, restful sleep, less fussy baby and make sure the process of metabolism and adapted to the environment outside while sleeping. Your baby’s brain is still perfect in the process of developing outside the womb. Sleep helps cell regeneration and reshaping perceptions, so often have little more sleep habits as adults. You also see that in the first 3 months children often grow fast, and there are many changes from the birth. That’s the result of the baby getting enough sleep, and sleeping.

Sleep related to the comprehensive development of the baby. 2 reasons below will help you decide on baby swing during neonatal care.

  1. The baby swing more comfortable helping parents

Parents busy with many things, and the little baby is always on hand to make Mom and Dad feel tired, especially arms. If baby lies on a wooden crib, it might not a problem, but it causes discomfort to the baby. Should generally fussy baby and sleep problems. The baby swing using the parents have more time to rest than:

  • Parents with respite: After the baby to eat, things to do that is for the baby to sleep, a flying swing is designed to suit your baby’s sleep. Therefore, he will easily sleep and did not affect the work of the parents, or cause more attention to the people around.

  • I can take the time to clean your baby to sleep: babies sleep time is the most comfortable time for the mother after birth. When she sleeps she could take advantage of work done. The baby is not crying mothers also work more easily, and less worried.
  • I do not need a lullaby to baby sleep: When using a baby swing, it’s your baby lullaby mode, with the melodious and soothing, so she did not need to sit next to theater drape, if you are tired, you can rest. For those mothers who can’t sing aloud, then this is a great result.
  1. The baby swing can help your baby sleep

Adults typically sleep and deep sleep easy in a quiet space, and less noisy. But children are the opposite. We like to feel safe reduction, and not too quiet surrounding. baby swing type selected most battery-powered baby swing. It has a full system of these modes to best care for your baby.

  • Posture is good for the baby: The mattress is designed tilt swing, helping children to be comfortable when lying and without reflux. At the same time embracing the mattress is designed for children to be easily located inside, and create a feeling of safety for children. That is why you see little easier to sleep when you put more into the swing for your baby to sleep in the crib.

  • Making Sense sleep: When babies are familiar feeling of being parents picked you start to fall asleep, then you take her to the baby swing, it still makes little sense being coddled. The kid in the crib during sleep are more likely to wake up, and when parents put words in his hand, or baby woke up and started crying. This creates bad habits for your baby, and your baby to sleep is not deep sleep.
  • There is dedicated music mode for baby: A baby swing music mode designed exclusively for babies. Sounds just right, not too big for the baby, the song is built very well for your baby’s sleep. You can choose your own grandmother to sing to the music. It also has a timer to automatically turn off the music, very convenient for mothers and babies.
  • Vibration helps baby sleep: Mode of the baby swing also helps baby sleep easily. Baby sleep when vibrations, moderate vibrations and even swing. Parents can install the appropriate swing with baby.

In addition to two reasons, the swing is very user-friendly, parents easy to use and easy to clean with a baby is always the best place to sleep.

Infant care isn’t really easy, the baby can’t tell my parents what I want to do. The first-time mother will not know enough about how to care for your baby, here we will tell you how to care little baby, you can grab them small pocket of the following activities, to play with children and to the days of raising children is always fun and exciting offline.

For those who are first-time mothers, confinement time was dull and tedious. Revolves around all day eating and sleeping, milking, lactation, child hygiene, … Baby newborn should spend most of their time sleeping, also unknown a talk with her mother. Sometimes not find anyone to confide in chatted. If the mother is in a situation like that, quick small pocket following activities, to play with children and to the days of raising children is always fun and exciting.

  1. Give your baby out to play

Baby out for fresh air and breathe fresh air, sunbathe or play in the park with many trees will be very good for the health of the baby, and her mother’s spirit again. If mom is worry about baby to be too small, you can wait until the baby to full term.

Today parents walking with baby in a baby stroller, baby very comfortable to lie comfortably, and parents will not be tired hands while walking. The baby stroller is not only good for the baby, but also helps mothers lose weight after the date of pregnancy and a baby.

  1. Mother and baby with music

Select your favorite music or songs mother listened to with baby in the womb. Music infant was crying baby tips or help and reassure the child spirit. Moreover mother myself when listening to music and feel relaxed, life less boring.

The music is good for children, music helps babies develop brain thinking, and stimulate good feelings. When the baby was still in the womb, has been advised that parents should let the baby listen to music to stimulate the brain.

  1. Photographing, filming child

Each present moment will never come back a second time. Leveraging this precious time, when I was tiny, each action are also lovely, record these moments mother offline. The photos or videos will be priceless memories for the baby later.

If you are too busy to use the device camera support for better child care, for example, the baby monitor can help parents record the images of everyday baby, infant care and remote offices watching and talking to your baby from afar, instead of leaving the baby at home alone with the maid.

  1. Talk to your baby

When baby wakes playing, visit the face close to the baby and talk to them. The tone should humor, wit, and also to have facial expressions. This activity has helped increase the emotional mother, just help them develop language skills.

These children hear adults talk, the more fast talking. When talking to your baby, you should tell a fun way, and also to talk with many voices, which stimulates the development of ways to talk feelings freely and easily in children.

  1. Playing peek-a-boo

Peekaboo game is probably the most common and also the easiest to play. Mother hands over his face and said to her, “Where’s mom, right”, “Where’s Mommy”, “uh uh … peek …”. Then a few seconds mother let go and say “boo, she is here.” This ensures the baby will play very excited and laughed happily. These games are usually stimulated curiosity in children, so it create interested in the young.

  1. Hanging toys

Mother hung fancy toys, colorful or can emit sounds on crib, baby’s crib. Your baby will look and tried to reach for those toys. Meanwhile mother infant only see interesting things like that. This activity helps children learn the skill of coordination between eyes, hands.

  1. Stimulate baby’s tactile development

Let the baby freely explore and touch any objects, as long as they are safe and will not harm your baby. Baby hold mother finger, touch the bottle, bath water against … is a small number of activities to help stimulate the development of tactile.

  1. Giving your baby get used to new things

Like adults, children will quickly bored familiar things, old. Sometimes you can refer to baby items, novelty toys. When introducing such a mother to tell her that. Your baby will feel it!

  1. Reading the story

Babies love to listen to stories, especially the mother’s familiar voice. You should choose stories with eye-catching pictures, short and clear content. Daily reading will help her baby form a good habit of reading later.

  1. Dancing with Children

Dance with the baby does not mean quick jump jive strong as adults. Mother put baby in a crib can open a melodious and gentle song and pushing strollers. Relax while relieving stress in the child care strenuous day.

If any parent has done 10 actions for baby, I believe you are taking very good baby, you and your child know each other fairly. If the mother does still surprise then please apply now to care very little you can.

Getting babies sleep properly may be the most common anxiety of those first-time mothers, especially when your baby don’t want to sleep or fussy in the mid-night. It is difficult for you to have a good night; consequently, it will make you feel exhausted and tired or even depression. To end up these situations and get your baby sleep better, don’t forget following amazing tips.

  1. Don’t look at baby’s eyes too much

Any parent feels eager to play with children before going to bed. However, the movement of your eyes makes your baby interested in and wants to imitate. Therefore, if you want your darling to feel sleepy quickly, you should not look into her eyes. Instead, you should look away or ignore her when you let her in a safe crib or bed.

  1. Keep night time quiet

In daytime, you can let your baby play or even make noises. But it’s the best to make night time quiet. In silent space, your baby will sleep easily and able to establish her body biological clock. By this way, you are helping her to recognize when she has to go to bed.

  1. Take a shower

Warm water and caressing gestures in a soft towel will make your baby feel relaxed and comfortable. You should avoid any noisy toys and make this them quiet.

  1. Co-sleep with your baby in same room

In essence, co-sleeping means that you sleep in close proximity to your child. With this way, your baby can feel safe and often get more sleep. You can keep her crib next to your bed, but you should not let your child sleep in same bed with you.

  1. Tidy baby’s “bed” up

You should keep your child’s crib or bed clean and be sure it is a comfortable place. It is dangerous to put too many items around such as toys, blankets or teddy bear… since while sleeping, your baby can be suffocated by these items. If it is not warm enough, you can try a sleeping bag.

  1. Set a simple bedtime habit

You should let your child be familiar with a straightforward bedtime habit including all actions before sleeping such as taking a shower, drinking milk. Telling a fairy-tale or singing a song is final stage. This process should be repeated and carried out within 45 minutes. With this method, your child will be established a habit and easily fall in sleep-through-night.

  1. Let her feel secure with a favorite object

You can hold your baby’s blanket or small teddy bear for a moment to make it become mom-scented or you can express some breast milk on baby’s handkerchief. Because of strong sensitivity, baby can easily feel your smell and go to sleep quickly. When she awake at the mid-night, this smell makes her believe you are next to her and no longer cry.

  1. Caress your child

When letting your child into the cot, your actions should be gentle, and then place your hands on her abdomen, caress her arms or her head to maintain the feeling of being pampered and pleasant. It will help your baby feel more secure and have a good night.

  1. Set a time schedule

Setting up a schedule with reasonable sleeping hours for your baby is extremely important. According to experts, from 6:30 to 7 PM is a great time for infants go to bed. It is not true that going to sleep early means that the baby will wake up early. On the contrary, when the baby has a good sleep, she often wakes up late.

  1. Turn off the lights

You should switch off all the lights when your baby goes to sleep. This action will helps her recognize that the dark room is the time for sleeping. It is not necessary to use a night light. In day time, you just pull the curtain to limit sunlight and make it same as the evening.

  1. Use a nipple

Many researches show that using a pacifier will help your child sleep better and reduce the risk of SIDS of infants. When she seems asleep, you can slowly take the nipple and avoid making her being startled awake. Select the very soft nipple to protect her from any unexpected injury.

You can practice different methods to find the most effective ones for your child. Hope these useful tips will help you and your baby to have a better sleep and then good health.

Breast or bottle?

Breast milk has so many nutrients and protective factors that your doctor will probably tell you about its benefits:

  • It protects against allergies and respiratory, gastrointestinal and ear infections.
  • It appears to aid brain development.
  • It’s easier to digest than formula.
  • It helps babies and mothers bond.
  • It’s cheap–by comparison, a 6-month supply of formula costs $300 or more.
  • It’s warm and available on request.
  • Either formula or breast milk will give your baby adequate nutrition; don’t feel guilty about your choice. Some formulas are fortified with a moderate or high amount of iron. Give the high-iron formula if your baby responds well to it and doesn’t seem fussy after feedings.

Experts recommend keeping babies on breast milk or formula until at least age 1 before switching to cow’s milk, which is lower in iron and vitamin C.

Introducing solids

Everyone has an opinion on when to introduce “solids” and what foods baby should start with. You can start solids (a euphemism, since baby’s first foods are anything but solid) at 4-6 months if you wish, but many babies don’t need solids until 9-12 months of age. Begin with iron-fortified baby cereals, then strained or mashed fruits and vegetables-one new food at a time, After your baby is 7-9 months old, try strained meats and egg yolk.

If Mom’s breast-feeding, Dad might appreciate the chance to offer baby the first serving of cereal, the first drink from a cup and the first piece of graham cracker. For the best chance of success with new tastes, offer them at the beginning of a feeding or just after your baby has taken the edge off his or her hunger. When your child starts reaching for food, he or she may be ready for soft bits of finger food. Plan on having a messy table and floor for the next few years The dramatic growth of the first year wanes in the second year, along with appetite. Children often gain only 6-8 pounds during their second year and may seem to lose interest in food. Don’t worry. Research has consistently shown that children eat What they need when they are offered a healthy variety of foods at each meal.

A word of caution: Many toddlers in this country have been fed low-fat diets–typically by well-meaning parents–and have become malnourished, says dietitian Julie Cull, RD, of Glen Haven, WI. “Dietitians, doctors, and researchers all agree on one thing: no ‘fat control’ for children under age 2,” she says. Fats provide energy as well as fatty acids for healthy skin. Fats also carry and help the body absorb vitamins A, D, E, and K. So when your child is ready for cow’s milk, use whole milk, not 2% or skim, at least until age 2.

Ages 2-10

According to the American Dietetic Association, children’s daily diet should include:

  • 6-11 servings of grains;
  • 2-4 servings of fruits;
  • 3-5 servings of vegetables;
  • 2-3 servings of meat, poultry, fish and dried beans;
  • 2-3 servings of dairy products; and
  • fats, oils and sweets used sparingly.

For ages 1 to 5, a serving is about one tablespoon per year of age. For any age, too much food on a plate is a turn-off.

How can you help your child do justice to the main food groups each day? It’s simple–stock up on healthy nibbles and have regular snack times. Kids get hungry long before mealtime. Another tip: when you’re fixing supper and your kids pester you, let them eat some of their meal in advance, perhaps the fruit or vegetable.

Ms. Cull warns against skipping certain foods because it may mean missing out on essential nutrients. “People may fix only low-fat chicken and no red meat for meals, and then the child may miss out on a good source of protein, iron and zinc,” she says. Vegetarian diets should provide high-protein alternatives, such as dried beans, lentils, green peas, milk, cheese, eggs, peanut butter and nuts.

On the sugar front, don’t worry if your child eats sweets occasionally. Scientists have disproved an earlier study connecting sweets with hyperactivity.

Preteens and teens

Kids know the basics about health, for the most part. But they don’t always follow through. That’s the evidence from a 1994 Gallup poll of children ages 9-15. Some of the children’s responses:

  1. 98 percent said physical activity is very important for good health, and 97 percent added the importance of a balanced diet.
  2. 65 percent said they skip breakfast occasionally, and 37 percent sometimes skip supper.

Children’s hurried lifestyles may be to blame for the missed meals. Older siblings–with keys to the cars–probably skip even more meals.

Fixing healthy food that preteens and teens will eat can be a challenge. Your 8-year-old may eat whatever you put on the table, but your 14-year-old may refuse foods he or she ate a month ago. Some solutions: have your child help plan and fix meals, and don’t make food an issue. Let mealtimes focus more on sharing the day’s events than on the food.

You’ll notice your adolescent growing more quickly than at any time since the first year of life. Girls need 2,000-2,500 calories a day to fuel their growth, and boys need 3,000-4,000 calories, with more active kids needing the most calories.

The increased nutritional needs of puberty often peak at 15 in girls and 19 in boys. Your daughter’s need for extra calcium, however, will extend until she’s about 25, Calcium increases the density of her growing bones and will help spare her from osteoporosis later in life,

Finally, here are some quick-food ideas for kids on the go: bagels, graham crackers, pretzels, rice cakes, cheese cubes, raw vegetable sticks, slices of cucumber, fruit, meat salads and thermos foods such as soup, chili, stew and pasta.

Sutherland directs the Northeast Iowa Family Practice Residency Program in Waterloo, and is a clinical professor at the University of Iowa. Stoever is an associate editor for the American Academy of Family PhysicianS, headquartered in Kansas City, Mo.